To offer others comfort, we sometimes have to leave our own behind

One of the closing sentences of my daily reflection while in Angola read: ‘To enter the mystery [of Easter] means going beyond our own comfort zone, beyond the laziness and indifference which holds us back and going out in search of truth, beauty and love. To offer others comfort, we sometimes have to leave our own behind.’ – Fr. James Sullivan, O.P.

I was blown away with the reality of these powerful sentences. So many times over these past six weeks I have found myself a tad uncomfortable or insecure because I was experiencing the crumbling walls of my comfort zone. It was in these moments that I was able to share in the beauty of being human with another person. Yes…cultures are very different from country to country, sometimes drastically different, but we are all human being in the search for our meaningful, God-given purpose.

Since being back in Ohio, I have had time to share my experiences. At times, I have been fairly frustrated with my inability to clearly articulate what I saw while in Angola. Even as I struggle to share, I know how much of a blessing it is to have had this experience and to share it with others. This trip has changed me, made me more aware of who I am and what I am being called to be. I met some of the most beautiful people and have gained great wisdom.

I am making time for silence and reflection, ingraining the sights, smells and sounds of Angola into my memory.   

Dr. Tim Kubacki and Alfredo in front of the Tchincombe Health Post.



One thought on “To offer others comfort, we sometimes have to leave our own behind”

  1. well said…thanks for caring and sharing! looking forward to giving you another opportunity to try putting your trip into words for us to hear!


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